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  • Affirmative Action: How to Fairly and Safely Handle RIFs and Furloughs in an Economic Downturn

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  • Affirmative Action: 10 Key Insights From the OFCCP and EEOC at the National Industry Liaison Group Conference 2022

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  • Affirmative Action: Affirmity Launches Cloud-Based Version of PayStat Pay Equity Analysis Software

  • Affirmative Action: 4 Important Actions That Will Strengthen Your Affirmative Action Plan Narratives

  • Affirmative Action: How to Prepare Your Employees for On-Site Visits From OFCCP Auditors

  • Affirmative Action: OFCCP Compliance Series Episode 6: How to Mitigate Adverse Impact By Reviewing Employee Selection Processes

  • Affirmative Action: OFCCP Compliance Series Episode 5: How to Review Compensation to Identify Pay Disparities

  • Affirmative Action: OFCCP Compliance Series Episode 4: Reviewing Your Hiring Processes to Ensure Fair Labor Practices

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