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Create an inclusive culture with D&I courses that change attitudes and behaviors

Create an Inclusive Workplace Where Diverse Teams Can Thrive

A diverse workforce can boost customer satisfaction, elevate your employer brand, spur innovation, attract talent, and drive bottom-line business success.

With so much at stake, your diversity and inclusion training program needs resources that build understanding and change attitudes and behaviors.

Affirmity can help.

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D&I Learning Pathways

Diversity and inclusion are very important—your people are also very busy. That’s why through our global D&I training consultancy, PDT Global, we offer highly flexible, scalable, and engaging learning pathways that fit seamlessly into the flow of work. Choose from a variety of digital, virtual, and face-to-face solutions and create a full inclusion pathway that addresses your organizational needs while remaining powerful and relevant to your employees.

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Digital Inclusion Training

A digital approach to diversity and inclusion training is an important part of a balanced initiative: digital learning formats have created new possibilities for ease of access and digestibility that simply shouldn’t be overlooked. From short behavioral nudges and microlearning modules that sit in your existing workflow, to extensive eLearning syllabuses that can be dipped into over months or years, we can provide you with expert digital solutions tailored to your needs as an organization.

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Live Virtual and Face-to-Face D&I Workshops

Whether online or in-person, workshops remain an effective way of developing inclusive leaders and managers. They additionally help your wider workforce understand diversity and inclusion principles as tangible concepts that drive inclusive behaviors, as well as welcoming and productive working environments.

The team of experts at our PDT Global brand has over two decades of experience in delivering highly interactive and impactful diversity, inclusion, and leadership training that will help you drive real change.

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Immersive Inclusion Training

Try a new innovative and emotive approach to teaching employees about your D&I commitments: Inclusion Escape Rooms are now available via PDT Global. These gamified immersive learning experiences task participants with analyzing their personal beliefs, perceptions, and unconscious biases, allowing you to promote active behavioral change and offer something new to employees that increasingly feel like they’ve “seen it all before”.

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Train the Trainer

Prepare your team to bring a greater share of this important work in-house with our Train the Trainer series. These sessions are designed to equip in-house trainers with the skills needed to plan and deliver high-impact workshops and masterclasses.

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An expert trains a panel of diversity and inclusion trainers on key DE&I concepts

Speaking Engagements

Introduce diversity and inclusion topics to new audiences and reignite organizational passion for current initiatives: book PDT Global’s renowned speakers for full conferences, conference keynotes, moderating panels, breakout sessions, and offsites. Whether you need an attention-grabbing public speaker for a single session in your schedule or assistance with the planning and execution of a major event, our experts will add experience and value to your plans.

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  • Blended Learning Approach

    Maximize reach, participation, and engagement with a blended learning approach. Build the perfect pathway with a range of live virtual, digital, and in-person training programs.

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    Learn From Experts

    Our trainers are experts in HR best practices, diversity, inclusion, and workforce compliance—with thousands of training hours delivered across industries.

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    Customized Content

    We tailor courses to your culture and values, closing knowledge gaps with relevant scenarios and specific learning objectives.

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    Embed learning concepts and reach employees anytime, anywhere with targeted, quick, and effective video training nudges and refresher courses.

  • Global Inclusion Training

    Our global team of associates provide worldwide coverage, are attuned to regional D&I concerns, and can deliver sessions in whichever language is required.

“We have been overwhelmed with the success of the inaugural programs which will now become part of our ongoing curriculum. Despite the necessity of virtual delivery being an initial concern, the networking and role model aspects of the program have been amongst the most highly rated aspects.”

Senior Manager, Talent Management, Insurance Organization

Insights and Resources for HR and D&I Leaders

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  • Inclusion Drives Diversity: Harnessing Inclusive Policies as an Engine for Organizational Change
  • Reinforcing DE&I With Blended Learning: How to Deliver Training That Actually Lasts [Q&A]
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