Workforce Analytics Overview

In-depth data insights and adverse events analyses across the talent lifecycle

Hiring Decision Analysis

Ensure your talent acquisition leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers understand and adhere to guidelines and regulations governing fair hiring. Get expert training and consulting services to establish compliant hiring process.

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Compensation and Pay Equity Analysis

Mitigate risk and foster equity and trust with proactive reviews of pay practices across your workforce. Engage our PhD consultants to help identify—and correct—potential patterns of disparity and adverse impacts so you can bring your pay equity strategy to life.

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Performance and Talent Decision Analysis

Understand potential adverse impacts resulting from termination decisions. Mitigate risk and ensure your managers and leaders are complying with talent management processes and policies.

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Let Affirmity help your HR and compliance teams with expert consulting services, data analysis, training, and software to optimize your affirmative action and D&I programs.


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